First month of 2019

Welcome to 2019! 

It is a great time to say my wishes to you, Hadar-Jewelry woman.

I wish you to be bold enough to follow your dreams with a true feeling that you can handle all the mistakes you will make. (remember some mistakes are fun)

I wish you to handle your life like a piece of fine jewelry, be bold, be bright, make sure that your beauty is shown and make a statement of who you are with a shiny smile.

I wish you to reexamine the meaning of handmade life, in your life, like... put down the phone and look at people contact humans and less with a machine. or maybe to this Handmade life like.. use your hands to welcome good opportunities or show the door a bad one.

Either way, you will need to do it with style, smile and on this year! 2019 hopes and dreams


Go win this year! 

Do it with style!

Do it with!