A bit about me, what I want, and how does it affect you.

I want to be the "it" jewelry store for successful women, those over 30 beauties that know that it's time to dress for the part and look like a Boss and be the boss.
I want my clients to know that I am one of them, a growing businesswoman who is building herself, going to meetings, hustling and selling myself and my abilities every day, and just like you, I've failed and succeeded got knocked down and got right up. 

I know how the small details of how I look can change how others see me, and I used every little detail I've got to succeed, especially when it takes 3 seconds to "decide" who I am, so I look the part!

I know that in order to get that promotion or even have an equal pay I have to be bold and strong, feminine and professional.

I know that I love jewelry and sisterhood, and successes and a good style.

My way not to try so hard and suit up, is accessories, jewelry styling all the way, I really learned that it is the best way to leave a rememberable stamp on the other person after been super professional and knowledgeable. 

I grow up in a family with a business, my family runs Hadar-Jewelry a beautiful authentic jewelry company in Israel. 
Over the years I have learned the power of good jewelry styling, and how to be impressive when I walk into a meeting asking for investment or guidance.

Here in this store, you will find the jewelry I love the most from my family's huge collections and the ones that I find as the right accessories to a work day and office look.

I believe in our jewelry, they have so much style and statements, quality, and charm, and they always do the job, help me look the part and be rememberable.

Last thing, 
I am here for any style advice, I do really like the "dress to success" business look but I also respect the white T with the right Jewelry and in the summertime (in Tel Aviv) this is the only look I can wear.

Go Get It, Girls!!! 

Good luck,

Hadar, from Hadar Jewelry