I am the over 30 styled woman that I want to be, are you too?

Let's be honest this over 30 style thing, has so much to do with success, dress smart and look work-appropriate while you climb your goals one step at a time (Crash it!!!) You want the people around you to think you are hot ( this issue is timeless) but for the not so first time you really care that they will respect you, know that your word start and end with a clear professional knowledge and guts.

While you become your own brand as a successful woman, your style is your storytelling, you want to make (much) more money then you made in your 20's, but honestly, you didn't reach the diamonds and solid gold level yet... we all know that you can't dress in your T-shirts and be a CEO of the company like you know who but truly no need to suit up, you are a woman, we have our way to shine.

This is why I believe in Hadar-jewelry style, our Silver and Gold jewelry have a full feeling and they do the work, you can wear a simple white T and accessories with a beautiful and quality jewelry that will style up your look (Just remember, NOT A T-SHIRT, better fabric! I will not give you a permission to dress like a teenager, those days are over and I am taking you with me) 


A few more tips on how to be a beautiful grown up, and be ready to build your over 30 self-brand.

  1.  Fabrics are everything! even if you are missing your old T - same cut better fabric.
  2.  Nails have to be with or without nail polish, never wear a broken nail polish.
  3.  Jackets (with good fabric) will style up your look.
  4.  Stop wearing the kids' jewelry, really really stop! if a 20 Y.O waitress wears it, stay away!  
  5. Silver, Gold, and Diamonds are what you should wear to style your look. 
  6. Know your S**t, Know your field, know your work, know your job. Nothing bits it.

Have any tips to add? Let me know.

See you soon,


Hadar, from Hadar Jewelry


                                                                                                                                           Over 30 styled woman