Red jacket, Hadar-Jewelry jewelry and you are ready to rock your day, right?

Nobody said that having it all is easy, but let's be honest it doesn't need to be hard. 

Well no... we don't have an easy road map, trust me I tried to find it! 

I can tell you that if you are looking to succeed, people will let you have a lot more and things will start going your way if you look good and own your style. Now pause, looking good is really from the inside out, don't let me tell you my pitch about the variety of beauty, this is a new post that maybe I will do down the road, we truly (real) believers that every type of beauty is beautiful! give us time and you will see that we will use all types of beauty to show our jewelry, but the women that we will choose will be a 100% super strong, impressive with an interesting life story that had made us full in love with them, inside and out.

maybe you know it, and maybe you will learn now, but we do our jewelry production a 100% handmade as well, by ourselves- so we take a full responsibility of trying our best to show women as they should, strong, smart, successful and yes, of course, beautiful and with great style.




Kamila is wearing a long black dress with red jacket, and our beautiful and authentic bracelets to keep the look edgier. ( I will upload the items info later, with a little help from my dad) 

          Kamila is wearing a black long dress and red jacket, with our amazing silver earrings and authentic silver and gemstones bracelets          Long Silver Earring   


See you soon! 

Hadar from Hadar-Jewelry