Rocking The Pink Vibe when you are over 30, is it really necessary? (P.S - we love it!)

It's not very often that you will see a woman over 30 or even a bit less wear pink. The office/ daily routine style usually contains black gray off-white or even jeans colors and choosing a bold & colorful style for the office seems to be a bit too flashy or even a bit taboo and it is really understood why you won't choose it, (but if you do, you go, girl!) we are here to make it easier to fit your growing and edgier style one step further, Hadar-Jewelry's jewelry has a variety of styles but our main guideline is that we love beautiful and bold jewelry. 

Do you remember that amazing woman walking down the office or the street with a bold look colorful, womanly, powerful, rememberable style, and you will immediately think, I wish I could do that as well, she is everywhere! so it's time to learn how she does it.

Having a statement style doesn't necessarily means that you have to go with super colorful colors to your black and white office, but it is here to say you can shine a bit more, round your style to your true visions and feel more powerful and noticeable, Yes, even if you are Sheryl Sandberg an amazing COO with undeniable good style and success, you will always wish to improve and shine a bit more. 

So how you start?

Well, we are Hadar-jewelry, and if you had the chance to read our last posts you might learn that we believe in our jewelry so much, that we know that even by mixing them with jeans full suit, you will still have your own stylist voice coming out.

Our jewelry can be the right 1st stage or a final touch to the statement style and powerful fun vibe you may wish to add to your life. Whatever you choose, we are with you, shinning your way! 


                          Kamila is rocking the pink vibe with our pearl silver& Gold Ring



See you soon, 

Hadar from Hadar-jewelry