This is our story of a horrible photoshoot day, that was fixed with a car lights and pink eyeshadow, and yes there is lesson in here

Well, this was a long day!

We are in the process of make the 2018 Summer Catalog, we choose a theme, choose our models and went down to work.

we waisted a full day, something between 08:00- 15:00 on a photoshoot that didn't click. The sun was too strong that it burned the pictures, it was so hot that it was hard to make the makeup + model not to melt, now that I think about it, it was a real life "in your face" situation, and no, it's never fun, not even if you are surrounded by amazing women who help and smile at you.

At 15:00 we went to eat and take an energy break, knowing that we have a very little time of daylight, only to realize, after we finish with the second makeup that we lost the good light ( it was 16:00+, no word about time management please!) 

Now, let me describe it with more drama please; 

It was HOT ( it is March!), It was way too sunny, we worked for hours and hours without any results, we are tired and we have no studio or indoor sufficient lights so what do we do?

We Pink it up... after a small change in the makeup we took the car in order to use it for the lights and started... we gave ourselves 5 minutes to see if it will work or not because we were so frustrated with the lack of results and progress of our photoshoot so far.

The results (if we may say) are amazing.


But what is the lesson? problems and slow outcomes are part of our life. We have it every day, even with a well organized day, briefed production and time managed schedule, the only way to keep on going is be focused on the end result.

Yes, we wanted to give up, we really wanted to be done with this day, but who cares?! if we wouldn't try everything that we could have tried we would have been sorry the next day, and this is not an option for me! and not an option for my team and family.

Whatever tools are in front of you, use them! be creative, never ever give up and if you have no sun, give your self 5 minutes to try a crazy idea that came to mind.


That's it for today, 

See you soon, 


Hadar, from Hadar-jewelry



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