We make our own Hadar-Jewelry photoshoots, do you want to know why?

Our new Catalog, Social Media, and Blog Editorial photoshoots are also a part of the family, and we think that the reason makes sense.

We see our women in such a strong way and we know you are beautiful and strong, we know you are super busy and very dynamic, working, growing and hustling ( yes, we learned that this "new" words hustling is the new vibe of smartly getting your way.. we like!) as Hadar-Jewelry is a family business we like to let every part of us shine, maybe this is the time to say, in our family there are a lot of women, very strong-minded ones that are our true and real inspiration! 

To continue what we've started to say, we know our jewelry's we love our jewelry! Love the shiny chic and cool shine of the silver and gold jewelry on our skin.

Hadar Jewelry style and brand storytelling are one of the ways that we can say "this is who we are", please listen to us and if you see yourself like we see it, we think we can excite you, make you proud and share our styling point of view and worldview.

So yes this is who we are now, we are constantly growing, reflecting communicating and loving, we want to show you, our beautiful jewelry, voices, and style, but we also listen! you want to ask us to lean in a different style that you think we should do, tell us. you want to ask about different gemstones, or about the vision of Hadar Jewelry, ask us! 

We are real people, real family, and real jewelry.


See you soon, 


(Yes I'm a real person :).)


              Hadar Jewelry, blue gemstone necklace                             Hadar-Jewelry blue gemstone necklace